WPC stabilizer CZ757 in China

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asked Sep 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_f6CjM6ow (480 points)
And in the manufacturing process of PVC resin has good dispersibility、compatibility、processing of liquidity, wide adaptability, superior surface finish of products; Excellent thermal stability, low initial hue, no precipitation phenomenon; Do not contain heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, no sulfide phenomenon;without heavy metal and other toxic component,no sulfation;Congo red test time is long, it has excellent electrical insulation, without impurities,higher weatherability; Applicability is wide and strong practicability, less dosage, has the versatility; In the white goods, white degree is better than the similar products.
It is mainly used for WPC & foaming material product,such as:PVC WPC foaming profile、plate、WPC template、foaming profile、foaming board and other rigid product. http://www.maijisen-chem.com

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