Acid Blue 260

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Name: Acid Blue 260

Molecular Structure: anthraquinones

CAS No.: 62168-86-9

Other Name: Weak Acid Brilliant Blue RL, Acid Blue A-R

Molecular Formula: C26H23ClN3NaO6S

Molecular Weight: 563 99

Solubility: 60-80g/L (90℃)

Properties and Applications: Blue powder, used for dyeing and printing of nylon and wool. Its highest concentration without salt can be applied in ink.

Environmental requirement: We have tested via Intertek Group, it does not contain extractable heavy metals, harmful substances or prohibited aromatic amines.


We are one of the top level producers of acid blue 260 and the capacity per year is more than 1000 MT. Due to its versatility we have offered several grades to achieve the needs of all the customers. If you don’t know which grades are suitable, we can send you each item for test. If you have your own grade, welcome to send us your sample, we will test and arrange a duplicate sample for your check and approval within 1 week.


Q: Are you real manufacturer or just trading company?

A: Manufacturer!! We used to be trading company, but in the year 2014 our boss Mr. Blake built our own factory in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi Province which contains 4 production work shops. Total capacity per year of intermediates and dyestuff is over 9,000 MT.

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