While I couldn't want anything more than to present my idea straightforwardly to Runescape

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asked Sep 23 in H&E by Nfkjasfas (500 points)

One month ago, I earned about 1m per hour (1 on a good days) with my staking account. It was enjoyable for a while osrs infernal cape. There were people who would try to scam you using a crossbow/sling (but that would be acceptable since you own a crossbow or sling) There would be those with poor stats and boxers who massively underestimate their own abilities. But it was fun. You made money. You were branded an opportunist by your adversaries. Life was good.

Today, it's difficult to find anyone willing to bet. I earned 40k today. I could stake one person, and the person was 15 ranks higher than me. Everyone else is obsessed with friendlying. Maybe because they are trying to be able to claim caps that make them look silly and give them an opportunity to emote.

Even worse than advertisements, some people are actually prostituting their bodies by "selling" dead animals. I'm able to think that. Jagex has made all accounts in runescape break, with the exception of mine. It's impossible to explain why almost nobody plays.

There is a possibility of discovering a remarkable and extraordinary hidden talent in the hats that is not widely known to anyone. It's worthwhile to invest the time and effort required to acquire them. If this goes on for a further month Buy OSRS Fire Cape, I may be tempted to quit rs. Dear fellow scapers: Tell me WHY this is happening.

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