World of Warcraft Fan Edit Makes Big Improvement to New Hearthstone Mount

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The Hearthstone community has recently been greeted with a promotion that will give players who play the new Mercenaries game mode additional goodies. But some fans are divided over the rewards, including an associated World of Warcraft mount.To get more news about Buy WoW WLK Gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Reddit user Wildchargeart recently posted their version of a new Hearthstone mount in World of Warcraft. The new mount is a mouse design that lacks some features that rodent users have picked up on. The mount is most noticeably missing whiskers, something that other rodent mounts in the game have included in the past. Wildchargeart also noticed an issue with the eyes of the mouse and quickly made an adjustment.
Sarge the Mouse is a white mouse with brown eyes in World of Warcraft, but the promotional image of the mount features disturbingly human eyes. Rodent owners typically expect the eyes of a mouse or rat to be fully black or red, but this mouse has very little color to its eyes. The mouse's visible eye in the promotional image has a small iris which resembles human eyes more than rodent eyes.

After a small edit, Wildchargeart has created a World of Warcraft mount that rodent owners will feel reflect their favorite critters better. Sarge's iris has been expanded to fill the previously colorless area of the eye. While the new mouse's eye still has a glimmer to it after the changes, Wildchargeart's version is missing the glossy effect of the original Sarge the Mouse.
The new Hearthstone mount coming to World of Warcraft is part of the rewards for completing bounties in the Mercenaries game mode. The cross-promotion of Activision Blizzard titles is a good way for fans of both Hearthstone and World of Warcraft to unlock new rewards. Hearthstone fans who play Mercenaries can unlock Sarge the Mouse in World of Warcraft for free.

Hearthstone players who sign up for a six-month subscription will also receive additional rewards. Six-month subscribers will receive 15 card packs to United in Stormwind, a Tavern Pass, and Battleground Perks. They will receive an additional 15 Mercenaries card packs with the release of the new Mercenaries game mode.

While a lot of the response to Wildchargeart's version of Sarge the Mouse is positive, some fans would still like to know what the mount would look like with whiskers. Sarge the Mouse will be joining the likes of other rodent mounts in World of Warcraft such as Ratstallion and Squeakers when it's added to the Hearthstone rewards on October 12.

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