A few suggestions to get started Start by stocking up on food

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First of all lets get a couple of OSRS gold commonly held misconceptions out of the way: You do not need armor to take down all bosses, only the food you gain by clearing the levels is fine. Bonus rooms can provide you with lots of exp however, it's worth the effort and time it will save you. Participating in a team is only possible when the other participant is aware of what's going on. After you've divided the tasks into groups, you'll divide them into two parts and each will be at the level of +/- 1. If you're solo/duoing smaller rooms will give you the best exp.

A few suggestions to get started Start by stocking up on food. The floors that are older have only a handful of items. It is possible to take anything that's at the very least an eel that is dusk. Start by selling the weapons you don't need and purchase: a hammer and tinderbox, a fly fishing rods, some feathers, a hatchet and a pickaxe. Do not undervalue the importance or the complexity of your job.

Prestiging: Later on it'll be useful to understand what prestige means and how you can make the most of it, and even more specific. How to do it. Note: Do not do this too early as it's a waste of time.

First off when you access the interface for cheap RuneScape gold parties on your ring you'll notice that it displays an active progress tab on the lower. This indicates the number of floors you've cleared. The reset button is located just below the number. By clicking this, you can reset your current progress back to 0. This means you will be required to begin from floor one. However, this will give you the prestige bonus of floor 1, which will increase the exp. This is an example of what I did. You can blame me.

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