China-zjlg is best rice whitener manufacturer

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The small-scale flour unit enables fine grinding by wet-type milling. The small-lot brewery rice whitener is being installed due to the popularity of sake and customers are more than satisfied with the resulting product. China-zjlg is best rice whitener manufacturer. This equipment comes embedded with advanced technology of whitening process. The advanced technology in this equipment is integrated to suit long rice grains. Best known for its shaft less construction of grinding wheels, this Rice Whitener consumes less power. It also includes independent adjustable vertical brakes, to enhance screen life. Rice grains discharge from the front end along with pressure regulator for uniform polishing.

Rice whitener is specially designed to remove the bran layer without damaging the Rice. The whitening effect is carried out by vertically maintained abrasive rollers in the adjustable screen chamber. The machine is provided with powerful blowers to create a negative pressure. The polishing is controlled by adjustable screen holding mechanism and very easy to operate.

Going narrow with the food products like rice, wheat, corn and many other grains are the basic and important food products in day to day life. Rice is the world's largest used grains in production volume and Asia has the largest share in the world rice production. We are helping many food industries in India and all over the world by serving the world class magnetic destoner to clean the rice. Magnetic Destoner is also called rice magnetic roller separator, wheat destoner machine and china-zjlg rice destoner in the market.

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