Or when they are proving that they are lying You can get

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It's easy. If they're really banning people for multiple repeats per aion classic kinah buying run it's only a matter of time before people in my legion begin to be exiled since they're always raising an alt.

At this point , I really hope that it does happen and we do get exiled, as I would like to be wrong. It would make me feel better about the world and show that people aren't worried about being punished for doing wrong.

Until that happens I will choose to continue to believe it is the case that the guilty will always claim innocence when they're arrested, over a plethora of random individuals who claim they're the only exception and innocent.

Have you ever seen someone in jail? It's always "I didn't do anything wrong!" until that evidence comes out and reveals the exact thing they did wrong. There's literally an entire industry (criminal defense attorneys) which's entire focus is trying to convince others that you're innocent, when in reality more often than not , you're guilty.

Stop trying to convince me that you're not the only one, and that you're truly telling the truth because nothing can convince me other than the fact of NCSoft clearly announcing "Exiting and re-entering a dungeon to complete a quest multiple times could be punished with the issuance of a ban."

What is the number of members in your legion? Did everyone else report their ban status? It is possible that some people are bans and then not telling that they did on discord.

Your reasoning is remarkably like "my family does not wear masks (do repetables) and we've never experienced covid (did not be banned), so not wearing mask (doing repeatables) isn't a way to increase the odds of you getting covid (getting banned)"

"Ever see someone get arrested? It's always "I didn’t do anything wrong!" until they see evidence showing them exactly what they were doing wrong. "

Or when they are proving that they are lying You can get it both ways. Therefore, if you insist on the company KNOWN for causing problems frequently (and holy the hell NCSHiT is extremely good at it) If we do, then we likely won't have anything to talk about because you're blind and the type of person who is blindly following this type of business. Man, when the gov gives you a specific advice, I bet you take it as the ultimate truth or some such thing. You should continue living your life in a positive way, grasshopper.

"Hi Cherish. "Hi Cherish. They agreed to investigate and buy aion classic kinah inquire. I'll follow-up to determine whether there's been any relevant information worth sharing with the world."

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