Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Machine

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asked Sep 4, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_RTMS9AUN (620 points)
The KT-8001 kitchen exhaust cleaning machine, which is specially developed for kitchen grease ducts in restaurants and hotels, equipping with an innovative nylon/wire brush and spray chemical/agent/water at the same time, which has the efficient cleaning capabilities for oily ducts.
Chemical brushing, hot water brushing or water spray brushing, those 3 cleaning methods make an excellent cleaning effect.

The brushes have wire brushes and nylon brushes for your option; The brush speed is 0-1400rpm; The applicable duct range is 100mm-800mm.

KT-8001 kitchen exhaust cleaning machine can co-work with the KT-8050 foam generator to have a better cleaning effects.

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