Put markers on squares that they click.

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You can do something very strange that OSRS gold draws attention. If someone doesn't react to your request, they're either crazy or dumb. You can try whacking the person with an egg carrot or throwing snowballs at them in order to see if they respond. If not, add 4 to the suspicion meter.
Assessing their score. It is possible to be a fake if the suspicion meter is reading zero. If their suspicion meter reading is 1 is likely to be an well-trained human. If the suspicion meters are set at 2, it could be an automated system. If their suspicion meter is at 3, they're probably afk or have public off, but could very well be a bot. They are most likely an automated bot when their suspicion meter is reading 4. However there isn't enough evidence to prove that it is.

The readings on their suspicion meters of 6-10 indicate that they are very likely to be botting. However, it's best to not jump to conclusions. If the suspicion meter of theirs is 11 or higher it is likely that they are a bot and you should immediately report them unless what they're doing isn't causing harm to your health in any way. This is unlikely even if they have an amount of points anyway.

What to do if you suspect that they're bots? The first step is to notify them. Do not ignore them until you log out. It is unlikely that they will forget that if they start talking. If they lead you through any gates or doors that can be closed, shut them in order to confuse. Drop junk items on the squares they click. This will slow down their speed, and allow them to bank more often.

They will wear colors that match the ore, trees and flax they are using. You can lure them to the edge of danger or away from you. Modern bots aren't so stupid that this tactic isn't very effective.

Put markers on squares that they click. There are some macros that have a certain sequence of clicking. If something is blocking their path they could be distracted by a few pixels... which can cause them to not be in the right places. If you own a pet or summoning familiar, place said familiar on the areas they might be clicking, like on flax. This can make them confused, or at minimum, prevent them from stealing your possessions.

If you are in the world of a member and you are a member, cast tele-other upon them. If they refuse to accept aid, they will see a large display appear on their screen. This will cause them to take off their pickaxe, hatchet or net to capture the ball and buy RS gold therefore they will have one less space in their inventory.

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