Your account was shut down for seven days

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It's all about how comfortable you feel grinding. I'm assuming that aion classic kinah by playing WoW classic, you'll be fine with it. Classic was my favorite aion game of 2009. It's not an unpaid game that you're paying for, and more of an mmo that you're doing the regular monthly subs. Don't purchase the extra daeva pass.

Siel is very populated. I've heard that it is hard to level due to being ganked. It's not that difficult to level on another server. You can message me if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer.

This month, I chose to quit the classic. The reason is not the grindy character, but rather due to the quantity of bots playing the game. It is difficult to play the game with so many bots all around you. Goldsellers are incredibly frustrating and NCsoft won't even bother about it..

That's entirely up to you. If I had been cheating, it would be strange to see me wandering around at my level 22 Cleric raising my gathering skill, or buffing other players while working on Manduri quests and so on. I'm sure you're not believing me, and I probably wouldn't either lol. But, I'm completely honest. I've never even used Shugo Console!

So I finally got someone to let me know why I was exiled. BEWARE folks, running SteelRake and doing the HairPin quest will get you banned if you turn it in multiple times. This was the way I was doing with the LFG group I was part of. We would slaughter the mobs, collect our hairpins of 12 and go into the shugo, then turn into the quest, then head back in Steel Rake and continue on the same way. This is exactly what I as well as most people would do when the game first became available. Had no clue this is an exploit ?! I responded to them, to inquire if it's an exploit or an error on their part. It's not clear if this could be an exploit. However, it appears that this is deliberate. But, be aware if you are doing this through the hairpin quest.

This is a bit crazy, there were LFG groups that had posted for hairpin quest groups. It's likely that many of the banned players were not aware that there was a bug. It's not necessary to alter the game in anyway. Instead of having to ban 15 percent of their players why not just solve the issue? I'm thankful I didn't sign up to any of these groups since I was busy farming for ap.

Please be informed that the account is being investigated for violating the User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct by the verified use of an exploit that is well-known in Steel Rake. The game logs as well as the reports have confirmed this abuse.

Your account was shut down for seven days due to this infraction. Once the suspension of 7 days is over, you're welcome to log back in and continue to buy aion classic kinah eu play. This decision is final. Any appeal can be refused.


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