A multi-functional wheat cleaning piece of rice grader

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asked May 11, 2018 in 3D Segmentation by ricepolisher (800 points)

A highly efficient and multi-functional wheat cleaning piece of rice grader. Under the synthetic action of vibrating are sifting and air-flow. It removes stones from the grain stream. The two layer screen design separates the heavy and light impurities completely and efficiently. The simple cleaning procedure improves efficiency, double vibrating motors driving, balanced running, optimized designing for better.

In his standard reference "Agricultural Process Engineering" (1966) the American Professor Silas Milton Henderson writes the memorable comment that the relative commercial value of an agricultural product is always a function of the quality of the cleaning and sorting. This guideline applies to approximately 46 million of tons (FAO) of annually produced seed grain as well an additional 870 million tons of consumer goods grains. A good processing technology secures not only quantities but also qualities. Scientific studies have proven that effective cleaning of wheat can significantly reduce the DON-concentration. Internal tests confirmed that seed cleaned and sorted with PETKUS Technology could be substantially upgraded by significantly reducing batch DON-values and thus significantly increasing the falling numbers.

rubber roller husker is a common type used for paddy husking in many rice growing countries, because of its better husking performance and less broken rice compared to blade-type huskers. In principle, the rubber roll husker consists of two rubber rollers. One has a fixed position; the other is adjustable to obtain the desired clearance between the two rollers. The rollers are driven mechanically and rotate in opposite directions, the adjustable roller normally running about 30 percent slower than the fixed one to create shearing effect. Both rollers have the same diameter.



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