Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Piping

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Sulfate galvanized steel pipe

Welded steel tubes with hot dip or electric galvanized coating on the surface of sulfate galvanized steel tubes.Galvanizing can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipe and prolong its service life.Galvanized pipe USES is very wide, in addition to a general low pressure fluid such as water, gas, oil line pipe, also used as oil industry, especially the ocean oil field oil well pipe, oil pipe, chemical coking equipment of oil heater, the condensing, exchange of coal distillation wash oil cooler for tube, and trestle pile, mining tunnel supporting frame tube, etc.

The dispersion

Worse than the aforementioned zinc solution, and coarse crystallization.In order to improve the performance of plating solution, the introduction of Arabic gum or natural peach gum, has effect on refining crystallization, but insufficient supply of goods, for electroplating workers at home and abroad recently developed by aromatic aldehydes or ketones sulfonate, polyether compounds and aromatic sulfonic acid salt combined brightener,

plating solution and coating performance get a improvement, meticulous, brightness of coating.Due to its low cost, high current efficiency, high current density and fast deposition speed, it is suitable for the inner wall of wire, strip, plate and tube with simple electroplating appearance.Bath pH value is low, and some chloride, so corrosive to the equipment.

Plating solution composition

A. zinc sulfate is the main salt;B. Sodium sulfate, aluminum sulfate and ammonium chloride are conductive salts;C. Alum and boric acid are buffer agents;D, dextrin and naphthalene disulfonic acid were refined and crystallized to improve the dispersing ability.

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