FBE Coating Steel Pipes

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asked Aug 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a2WmAq9r (500 points)
Cangzhou spiral welded spiral pipe

pricing pipe in the production process, due to a long time of friction, will naturally produce magnetic.If the magnetism is too large, deflect the electron beam of the image intensifier.X-ray industrial television system images produce "S" shape distortion, which affects the detection rate of natural defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, etc., spiral pipe pricing especially the non-penetration, crack and other linear natural defects.With the improvement of pipeline steel grade and the change of image intensifier in X-ray TV system, the influence of remanence is particularly prominent.The existence of residual magnetism, in the pipeline girth welding butt, will produce arc phenomenon, affect the quality of welding.The spiral pipe pricing existence of residual magnetism seriously affects the construction quality. Therefore, demagnetization is a process that must be done before the spiral welded pipe leaves the factory. https://www.cnspipes.com/coating-pipe/epoxy-pipe/spiral-pipe-pricing.html

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