Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe

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asked Aug 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a2WmAq9r (500 points)
Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe quality control pointsWhen drilling, attention should be paid to the changes in the soil quality of the stratum. In case of sand, gravel, pebbles, Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe plastic silt or stagnant water from the upper layer, measures should be taken immediately to prevent landslides.If the drill pipe jumps, the frame shakes, the drill does not drill the footage and other abnormal conditions occur, stop immediately for inspection, find out the reason, and then continue the construction after troubleshooting.B. Empty soil shall be cleaned in time during operation, and Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe drilling and cleaning shall be carried out again if necessary;After drilling, cover plate shall be applied to the orifice to prevent soil from falling into the hole.C Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe concrete pouring shall be vibrated while pouring concrete in strict accordance with the operation process;It is forbidden to put soil and debris together with concrete into the pile hole, and prevent common quality problems such as neck shrinkage, cavity and soil inclusion.D Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe when concrete is poured into pile top, the elevation of pile top should be measured at any time, so as to avoid excessive pile cutting;Spiral Carbon Steel Pipe Too low can not guarantee the quality of pile head. https://www.cnspipes.com/spiral-steel-pipe/spiral-welded-pipe/spiral-carbon-steel-pipe-2.html

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