Metal Steel Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe

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The Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe production process

Open book, roll-up, leveling, butt welding, milling, molding, inside outside welding, welding, pipe cutting - break - the follow-up welding - hydrostatic testCarbon steel spiral pipe main production equipmentUncoiler: double cone head uncoiler, can disassemble 32 tons heavy steel coil.Steel belt warping machine: seven rollers, the thickness of the plate up to 20mmPlate shears: can cut 2000mm*20mm roll plateButt welding machine: welding just lead and tailDisc shears: cut the rough edges of the Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe steel plate to the specified size

Edge milling machine: for Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe 10mm steel plate processed into the required grooveVertical roller device: to ensure the steel plate running along the delivery lineDelivery machine: the two-roller delivery machine is the main driving force for forming

Guide plate: ensure the balance of the Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe steel plate into the molding machine Molding machine and bridge, output roller table, three bar bending plate, outside roll sizing Type molding machine molding Φ 219 - Φ 2520 mm steel pipeInternal and external welding device: internal welding single wire, external welding double wire, Lincoln Welding machine, and infrared thermal imaging internal welding tracking control systemFlux recovery device: recover flux after weldingAutomatic external repair welding device: repair weld defects

Flat to edge machine: ensure to meet the standard Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe end requirementsHydraulic tester :100% hydraulic testWeighing and measuring device: weighing and measuring the length of steel pipe Carbon steel spiral pipe main implementation standards

National standard GB/ t9711.1-1997Industry standard SY/ t5037-2000 of ministry of petroleum industryAmerican APISPEC 5L welded steel pipe standard

the welding temperature: low carbon steel material, welding temperature control in 1250 ~ 1460 ℃, the wall thickness 3 ~ 5 mm penetration can meet the requirements.The welding temperature is mainly controlled by adjusting the high frequency eddy current heat power and welding speed.When the input heat is insufficient, the edge of the heated welding seam cannot reach the welding temperature, and the metal structure remains solid, forming incomplete fusion or incomplete welding; When the input heat is too large, the edge of the heated weld exceeds the welding temperature, resulting in over burning or melting drops, and the Metal  Steel  Pipe Spiral Steel Pipe will form a weld hole.

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