Steel pipe length measuring machine

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asked Aug 14, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_1a28BYYz (400 points)
Steel pipe length measuring machine is a professional system that automatically measures the length and weight of OCTG steel pipe for oilfield use in accordance with API standard, and transmits these measuring and weighing data into the spray marking device, and then the spray marking machine carries out identification and spray the recorded information printing on the pipe body.
This steel pipe length measuring machine adopts gantry steel frame, combines the moving laser device and Siemens PLC, fast collect the length measuring data and transmit to spray device to print relative information on steel pipe. This steel pipe length measuring machine has many advantages such as high precision, fast speed and stable. The design of this system is not complicate, and less machine fault compared with previous encoder type. And the price is as half as the Cylinder type or synchronizer type equipment commonly used in the market.

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