Unicorn Bottle

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asked Aug 11, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a8fZjOj0 (320 points)
Product IntroductionPerfect Sealing Performance: Every 60ml e liquid bottle is with a childproof cap, dropper tip and lid. All theses spare parts fit well with bottle and has no signs of leakage. The child resistant and leakage proof cap for this 60ml e liquid bottle helps to keep the child safe from bottle and let you no worry about the leakage compared with glass bottle. We are committed to supply our customers the best quality products with the cheapest price and professional after-sale services with 9 years production experiencePackaging Details:Option one :Small quantity E-liquid bottles packed separately with
cap and tips into three different poly bags, then put into one cartons. It is usually for small quantity order and each size of products can be packed into 1 cartonOption Two:60ml e liquid bottle, cap and tips are packed separately
into three poly bags, then put into three different cartons. It is the normal and standard packing informationOption Three: Packing products according to our customer's requirement. http://www.nuohuaplastic.com/e-liquid-bottle/eliquid-bottle/unicorn-bottle.html

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