Chubby Gorilla

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asked Aug 11, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a8fZjOj0 (320 points)
Product Introduction50ml e liquid chubby gorilla bottle, with light weight and good sealing performance, will make it easy to carry into pockets, bags and ectMultiple colors of caps and bottles are available. They are perfect to show your product with different flavors, pink for strawberry,
light green for mint, purple for grape and etc.The child-proof and leak-resistant nozzle and cap on this chubby gorilla bottle is made with top grade PET material and obtained with FDA/CE certificatesWe are the manufacturer of plastic products for 9 years and own two factories in Zhejiang Province. The main products are e liquid bottle,
cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar, plastic food jar, drink bottle ,can sealing machine and other plastic products

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