How does the OpenCart Marketplace Module help you with the Marketplace?

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asked Aug 9, 2021 in H&E by Knowband (120 points)

When it comes to generating income, the OpenCart Marketplace is a popular destination for eCommerce entrepreneurs. They just appreciate how useful this OpenCart plugin is. The OpenCart Marketplace Module turns your store into a marketplace in only three steps. Isn't it incredible?

So, in this article, we'll go through the five features of the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin that every eCommerce entrepreneur appreciates.

1. The OpenCart Marketplace Extension makes the whole experience convenient

From purchasing the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Module from Knowband to installing and configuring - it's a piece of cake. Furthermore, due to the OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace Extension, the admin may manage the Knowband marketplace with ease. In fact, the admin may handle anything from handling seller requests to tracking their success. You can simply handle anything at the OpenCart Marketplace with the aid of the User Manual and customer support.

2. The Revenue Settings correctly benefits both the admin and the sellers

The admin controls the commission rate. As a result, he may choose whether to have a fixed commission rate for all sellers or to have various commission rates for different vendors. In reality, the commission is the amount paid to the administrator for each and every order that the seller receives. As a result, the administrator must be cautious about the commission he intends to charge. If the balance is off, the sellers may not like it (since they aren't generating enough money) and opt to sell elsewhere. As a result, it is critical for the administrator to adjust the commission rate according to his preferences.

3. Scrutinizing the Seller Registrations is easy

With the aid of the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin, the admin may select who will sell on the OpenCart Marketplace and who should depart. Furthermore, it implies that he has the authority to accept or deny seller registrations. In reality, he may do so through the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module's backend. Furthermore, the admin has the ability to remove any vendor from the site. He can also do so by simply deactivating the products in the front-end.

4. Membership plans are an additional source of income

The development of membership plans is a new feature of the OpenCart Marketplace Module. It enables the administrator to set up subscription programs for the vendors. Sellers may also select from a variety of membership levels and pay to sell on your platform. As a result, this is another source of money for the administrator.

5. Tracking the sellers and the activities is made easy with the OpenCart Marketplace Module

The easiness with which you can follow anything on the site is the final point to mention. In fact, the administrator may monitor every email sent or received, every purchase placed by the seller, and the various types of requests. As a result, with the OpenCart Marketplace Extension, keeping track of activities is a breeze.


Knowband's OpenCart Marketplace Module is an excellent tool for all marketers. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the Knowband Marketplace. Knowband has been providing the best support to its clients. In fact, the post-sales support by the company is recommended by many clients.

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