Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

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asked Aug 6, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_aFl6EWyY (340 points)
Coffee capsule Bag packing machine



    1.Features of the main machine

    1. High speed and efficiency

    2. MITSUBUSHI PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;

    3.Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function;

    4. High automatic, it can complete the whole packaging process, measuring, filling , sealing, date printing , counting, transporting.

    5. The contact parts with food is made of 316# or 304# high quality stainless steel ensure food safety.


    2. Technical parameters

                    75 bag/min
                    Bag size
                    (L)50-200 (W) 60-150mm
                    Bag type
                    Pillow-type bag, ? standing-bevel bag, punch bag
                    Max film width
                    Max 320mm
                    Film thickness
                    Air consumption
                    0.8Mps ?0.25m3/min
                    Main ? power/voltage
                    2.2KW/ 220V 50Hz



                    Producing area
                    Touch-sensitive screen
                    Programmer controlled system
                    Servo motor
                    Germany  ? ?  
                    Servo driver
                    Germany  ? ?  
                    Vertical Cylinder
                    Cutter Cylinder
                    Electromagnetic valve
                    Intermediate relay
                    Germany ? ? ? 
                    Photoelectric ?eye
                    China ? ?  
                    Solid state relay
                    Crydom ? ? ? ? ?
                    Mexico ? ?
                    Thermometer control





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