Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

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Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine for Nespresso k-cup lavazza dolce gusto with big capacity



    Sample display










    1. This type coffee capsule filling machine and coffee capsule sealing machine is our most popular type product ,high speed and more stable .it is speed can 160-200 capsules per min.Besides it has high flexibility .It can make Nespresso k-cup Lavazza blue Etc.Servo motor control auger filling ,filling accuracy is ± 0.1 g. Nitrogen flush function,finished product's residual oxygen can reach can prolong coffee expired date.

    2. Our Nespresso coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling various granule,powder,and liquid materials. such as coffee ,milk powder,tea, instant powder,yogurt and other food materials ,also can compatible Nespresso ,k-cup ,lavazza blue ,a modo mio ,dolce gusto etc.



    1. Latest four lanes coffee capsule filling machine can provide vertical or horizontal capsule loading device.

    2. Provide automatic control of the weight through dosing system by means of very precise one Schneider brand servo motor. Omron brand PLC control machine’s running

    3. Nitrogen flush function, can keep more than 96% nitrogen in coffee capsules ,make coffee fresh more time

    4. Two different sealing style, Die-cutting lids or Roll film can be choose

    5. Latest big capacity Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine can provide manual loading capsules buffer and automatic vibration or centrifugal sorter capsule feeder.

    6. Provide automatic control of the weight through dosing system by means of very precise one Schneider brand servo motor. Omron brand PLC control machine’s running.

    7. Nitrogen flush function, modify capsule inside atmosphere,prolong coffee expire date.Only ? ? 5% of residual oxygen.

    8. Two different sealing style, heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing.

    9. In-line check Weighing,automatically reject incorrect products.

    10. Fully stainless steel,Organic glass door design.

    11. Automatic counting finished products.

    13. Automatic detection:no cup no filling and sealing ,lack coffee and film machine alarm ,if empty cup in the mould ,automatic rejecting and recycle it.

    14. Standard Function :Nespresso coffee capsule feeding ,Omron detection (no cup no filling ),servo motor filling,power suction ,put pre-cut lids (roll film) .copper head sealing and out put.

    Optional Function :UV light ,Anti-static device,Remote control,flavor adding system,auger feeding system,bag packing machine,box filling and folding machine and other demand please tell us and we can customized.


    Machine Technical Parameters

                    Machine Parts
                    All the product contact parts are stainless steel AISI 304. The machine is ? constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic
                    CE, FDA, CSA, ? ISO 9001,SGS
                    Product Material
                    Ground coffee,milk,tea powder
                    Sealing Style
                    Die-cutting aluminum foil
                    Production Capacity
                    160-200 capsules per minute
                    Coffee Feeding
                    Servo driven auger filler or vacuum ? feeding
                    Filling Weight
                    Dosage ?Accuracy
                    1 phase ?220V ? 50/60HZ ? ? 1.5KW
                    Air Pressure
                    Air Consumption
                    Attached below




    Working video



    After Service

    1.We can supply overseas after-sale service, we have our engineers and designers.if any machine goes wrong, we can make solutions in time.of course ,it is rare situation.because our Nespresso capsule filling machine is high quality product.

    2.we have professional technical consulting .training and after-service team,12 months machine warranty period ,as well as within 24 hours rapid after-sales service system

    3.our Aluminum or plastic Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine was assembled before shipping ,so you only to connect with air supply and electric.

    4.or you can arrange a people who will go to check machine , our engineer will teach him directly ,no need professional person.

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