Waste WaterTreatment Ozone Generator

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asked Aug 4, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a0MNZTlG (380 points)
Product Specification
Model: CF-G-2-5kg
Ozone capacity: 5kg/h
Discharge medium: DTA non-glass tube (Patent No: ZL2008 1 0015373.0)
Material of electrode: SS316L
Ozone concentration: 20-35mg/l
Feed gas type: air source
Function: effluent treatment ozone generator
Life time: 10 years
Rated power: 80kw
Power supply: 380V50Hz3P

Characteristic of GUOLIN ozone generator
Ozonne generation principle is dielectric barrier discharge (which is the common type of corona discharge), i.e. apply and increase AC voltage to cause gas discharge on electrode or in the discharge space obstructed by dielectric. https://www.guolin-ozonegenerator.com/ozone-generator/water-treatment-ozone-generator/effluent-treatment-ozone-generator.html

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