wastewater treatment ozone generator

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We supply wastewater treatment ozone generator with corona discharge technology. Guolin main product: 1kg/h-150kg/h large ozone generator for waste water treatment, 100g/h-1kg/h middle ozone generator, 5g/h-100g/h small ozone generator, high concentration ozone dissolved water machine, ozone disinfector, swimming pool ozone generator.

Product Material and technical process
Origin: Made in China
Model: CF-G-2-15kg
Ozone capacity: 15kg/h
Discharge medium: DTA non-glass tube (Patent No: ZL2008 1 0015373.0)
Material of electrode: SS316L
Ozone concentration: 100-120mg/l
Function: wastewater treatment
Rated power: 120kw
Connection: Gas pipe interface DN40; Water pipe interface DN100

Function of wastewater treatment ozone generator:
Ozone decomposes organics which is difficult to be degraded in order to improve biodegradability of waste water. Ozone can kill bacteria and virus with resistance to chloridization, as well as decolorization, deodorization and increase dissolved oxygen in water. https://www.guolin-ozonegenerator.com/ozone-generator/water-treatment-ozone-generator/wastewater-treatment-ozone-generator.html

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