The Black Guard needs your aid against the Red Axe

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I believed Hreidmar left town. He did. He transferred his base somewhere in the desert, and we need to find out where. Not yet. We need you to OSRS Items get in touch with the Temple Knights, and have them attempt to align themselves with the Red Axe, so we have spies in their organization. I'm a temple knight, therefore it should be easy enough.

The Black Guard needs your aid against the Red Axe. The Red Axe? We haven't received information about these in quite some time. They are considering forming some sort of alliance. Arposandra? The hidden gnome town?! Yes. This is extraordinary news. We are going to get in contact with Veldaban right away!

Now go all the way back to Keldagrim and talk with Veldaban. I have convinced Sir Tiffy Cashien to assist us. Excellent, Zachman3334. Wow, this fast? Well, it's not that complex. Perhaps they given the Temple Knights advice in their foundation.

They are accountable for telling the warriors what's coming there way since they're generally on the high ground. However if the place becomes cluttered, the archers will be advised grab their bows and arrows and then run back into the Salve. Before they get overrun thoughthey have the capability to perform several options.

When you're attacking, you'll have only one interface, a combat interface. The head archer will tell the archers what to do, snipe, barrage, or every-man-for-himself. When every-man-for-himself is shouted, it's time to return to the Salve. When you get back to the Salve you're told to construct barricades and set up a raft to start getting out the wounded. Once you are told what to buy OSRS Fire Cape build, you'll have 2 minutes before the vampires get to the Salve.

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