The flying time cd must do anything

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asked Jul 12, 2021 in H&E by Weiweismart (1,260 points)


As for the ping, yes it surely things but the aion classic kinah buying remark about requiring sub 20ms to play melee is far overblown. I played everywhere from 60-80ms and had no problems dueling both skilled players using 20-30ms. Yes you can at times get the"you are too far away" message despite being alongside a target but I attribute that to imperceptible terrain obstacles on certain maps and not a continuous matter.

However, the trade-off is well worthwhile in my own opinion - that being fast paced battle that flows well with a high ability ceiling.

I was gonna say that he is probably not pursuing properly, or did not have an extendable weapon. The game never gave me too much issues without being in scope, unless it was intended when I was fighting with a ranged char with CC.

In Terms of the ping, I am concerned. I'm getting 90 ping approximately because I live on the west coast. This is not Korea. NA is enormous, and we do not have the connection latency KR has.

Additionally slideshotting and jumpshotting barely needs skilll, literally 80% of rangers that may do which are literal clickers. In reality, over 50 percent of aion pvp videos are individuals literally clicking on their abilities, I'm certain that reveals how tough the pvp is.

Please show me a video of a ranger clicking his abilities while also always slideshotting. I would love to find out exactly what you wind up finding. Additionally yes there are plenty of aion pvp videos in which the player is clicking his skills but are they GOOD? The vast majority of the playerbase lacks skill therefore of course the vast majority of the videos have been recorded by those same players.

Jumpshotting is easy... but slideshotting has an insane skill gap... there's fundamental slideshots using aa infront and then there are fans slideshots // scroll slideshots // double tap Slide shots // slideshots along with other abilities // Jumpcast into slideshots etc. to find this all smoothly done it really need a good deal of practice.

There is a reason why so many people state that aion is among the best tab targeting pvp games.

The flying time cd must do anything with you pressing distance to early back and the wings are available for 0.01 seconds but you even watched them. It did occur to me several times but dont give it the game the fault when its you.

Finest PvP experience in any MMO I've played thus far. BnS is a close second, but it's a different style, and heavily p2w. The cheap aion classic kinah main reason why I believe the PvP at Aion trumps BnS (that is mechanically much superior) is due to the reason for PvP.

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