Belt Drive Balancing Machine

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WzN5FG6y (880 points)
Feature of Belt Drive Balancing Machine:

1. Specially designed brackets transmit mechanical force with low vibration damping

2.Durable and reliable sensor possesses good linearity

3.Permanent calibration brings high accuracy with a permission of large initial unbalance amount

4.Belt-driving offers higher precision and easier operation

5.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface 6.Modular design offers a wide range of application

7.PHQ series are applicable for balancing rotating parts of motor fan impeller pump impeller turbocharger crankshaft centrifuge roller spindle etc.

8. Special Designed Brackets

Less vibration damping, the transfer of mechanical force is more smooth

The swing frame casted with QT450, high integral rigidity, the mating surface with grinding process;

Roller material GCr15, after high frequency quenching, the hardness achieved above HRC55, surface

grinding to a radian, realization of contact with the workpiece width line, the final grinding and


Roller bearing using NF special custom P5 class C1 group precision small oil gap clearance, to ensure

that the roller wear resistance, greatly improves the precision and service life of the use of the roller.

9. Whole Cast Machine Bed

Ensure the material,higher rigidity,running more stable.

After guideway of the bed rough finish machining by double housing planer,then regrind processing,this guarantees that the flatness, parallelism precision of rail surface.

It can customize according to users requirements.

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