Smoke Cardboard Displays

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asked Jun 29, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_IRY6bcVp (540 points)
Smoke cardboard displaysItem No: YGC-43Size: custom made acceptedMaterials: paper cardboardColor: custom made acceptedMinimum Order:Payment Term: T/T or L/CWhy use Cardboard retail Pop Displays??Cardboard point of Sale displays are able to promote your products in a?way that other marketing medium simply cannot, they offer the ability to:?. Increase impluse purchase. Cost effective temporary display solution. . Show vivid graphical communication. Raise brand awareness. Compact and easy to implement. Easy to merchandise in-store. Minimum space requirements in-store. Ship flat in bulk or Pre-assembled optionItem No: YGC-44POP displays (point-of-purchase displays) such as counter displays, shelf displays, floor displays?are effective choices for drawing attention to any product. Ultimately displays are designed for in-store presentation of a product, which draws customers' attention and entices them to buy the product. Displays are custom made and printed in range of size, shape, and material to allow for optimal marketing and advertising.Item No: YGC-45POP display is marketing material placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located at the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made. More commonly abbreviated to POP by retailers, this can be one of the most underutilized tools in?retail today.?POP displays can be as simple as a sign or as elaborate as a display carton. For example, a retailer may use a "shelf talker" (a sticker stuck to the end of the shelf to draw attention as the customer walks down the aisle of a grocery store) which is a small visual item. Or they may create a full display where the vendor's products are merchandised inside it.

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