Major types of academic writing

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Academic writing may seem to be a broad genre, but if you assess it carefully, you can detect the four main types. Every type requires a different approach on the writer’s part. The parameters of differentiation can be attributed to purpose and certain language features. The experts you hire to ‘write my paper’ have a clear idea of the features of each type. Let’s explore in detail:

  1. Descriptive: Undoubtedly, it is the simplest form of academic writing. Here, you need to describe an event/situation while providing facts and information. According to assignment help experts, the instructions associated with a purely descriptive assignment include: ‘report’, ‘identify’, ‘summarize’, ‘record’, and ‘define’.
  2. Analytical: Analytical essays are generally assigned to university students. Professors want to test their level of reasoning relating to the subject. Analytical writing also encompasses descriptive writing and demands you to re-organize the information you state into groups, categories, or parts. Instances are there when these relationships are integral to the discipline. If it’s not, you have to craft them for your text. While comparing two theories, you have the option to divide your comparison into several parts or hire a research paper writing service for the same. An analytical assignment includes instructions like ‘analyze’, ‘compare’, ‘relate’, ‘contrast’, and ‘examine’.
  3. Persuasive: In academic writing, you may have to go the extra mile if the instruction demands so. Persuasive writing comes with the features of analytical essays, but there is more to it. Experts providing database assignment help can give you adequate suggestions in this regard. You have to add your viewpoint in this essay type. griffith referencing tool, Generally, most academic essays are persuasive, or if it’s not, there is always a certain amount of persuasive element in the discussion or conclusion.
  4. Critical: It is the most difficult of the lot. Research and post-graduate students have to deal with critical writing more than often. It has all the features of persuasive writing, but the difference is that in persuasive essays, you need to include a single viewpoint, but here, you should consider at least two viewpoints, including your own. Hire Essay Writer.

Every academic writing piece comes with specific guidelines. You should adhere to them under all circumstances, or otherwise, you will lose marks. Identifying the fine gap may not be possible in all cases as some essay topics tend to overlap when the objective and writing style is considered. Notwithstanding this fact, the above-mentioned aspects are the primary academic writing types that every student must understand.


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