Madden 21: 5 DEs Whose Rating Improved The Most

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Most pass rushers in the NFL are not household names. Except for Chase Young, most people will not recognize the players on this list. However, their notoriety does not take away from the immense impact defensive ends have in every game.

Pass rush is just as important in Madden 21 as it is in real life. One sack, fumble, PBU, or TFL can win or lose a game. The few players that manage to appear in the stat sheet are upgraded in Madden 21 after each impressive performance. The below five players proved that they deserved a higher rating in Madden 21 by dominating last season.

1. John Franklin-Myers 67-77

Franklin-Myers only started 2 games in 2020 but managed to get 3 sacks on the season. In his second year in the league, Franklin-Myers could carve out a role in the line rotation. With a few more opportunities, the massive defensive end should put up better numbers going forward.

2. Kingsley Keke 65-74

As the 150th pick, Keke probably did not think he would be a rotation player in year two with the Packers. Keke was finally able to get his first sack in week 3 of his second season. He followed up consistent play by netting four sacks and 19 tackles on the year. While the stats do not jump off the page like many of the other defensive ends on this list, Keke made good progress last season and deserved a rating in the 70s.

3. Romeo Okwara 71-79

In just one season, Okwara recorded more sacks than the previous four seasons he was in the NFL. It is surprising that he is only 79 rated after getting 10 sacks, a safety, and one forced fumble. Surely, EA will give the Lions' DE a more reasonable rating next year in Madden 22. Okwara should have been the most improved player on this list.

4. Brian Burns 79-87

EA decided to give Burns a disrespectful rating of just 79 after a 7.5 sack rookie season. After a 9 sack campaign, EA had no choice but to boost the Panther's rating to 87, a +8 increase. Burns also forced 3 fumbles and managed to get 58 combined tackles. In his second year, Burns showed why he is much better than a seventh-round pick.

5. Emmanuel Ogbah 75-82

Ogbah had a return to form in 2019 and 2020 after a foot injury took him away from the game for over a year. Last season's best moment came in the week 9 Cardinals game where Ogbah's strip resulted in a touchdown to seal the game. Ogbah made several timely plays last season to help secure victories and had a career year in 2020. The fifth-year rusher netted nine sacks in 12 starts for the Dolphins.

These players were the most improved throughout the 2021 season. Defensive ends play one of the most vital roles on the field during an NFL game. Their sole job is to disrupt offenses and get to the QB makes them infamous.

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