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The main reason for this is how I saw this kind of feature turn out in another quite popular game; World of Warcraft.That game almost lost all of poe trade its playerbase with the latest expansion (Warlords of Draenor). The main reason for this was a new system that was introduced, the central part of it had a lot of si larities with facebooktype kindof gameplay (called Mission Command Table in WoW). Instead of doing content in the actual game you had pick and select puppets to get relevant resources for you.


Guess what this feature is comparable to? (POP)It 39;s early to tell the impact POP will have the accessibility and playability of Eastern Lands but I hope that those two contentpieces will be seperated as  ch as possible. It makes sense to me that somehow POP will be involved in introducing the player to Eastern Lands and have some characters intertwine, but that should be it in my opinion.So in short, how do you feel about the Eastern Lands being partly locked behind Player Owned Ports?


Let me know what you think!I guess the main question will then be if (and how  ch of it if so) the Eastern Lands is intended to be  39;endgame 39; content. And does it make sense, lorewise and  39;characterdevelopmentwise 39; to have POP decide how  ch you can play of it.I also think you can 39;t compare content being locked behind a questline and a D amp;D. Quests are far more important for RS than D amp;D 39;s; lorewise, gamedefining etc. .


Elf City does justice to be unlocked through an epic adventure questline. It should stay unique in that way.The reason this D amp;D is okay right now IMO is poe marketplace
that it doesn 39;t have that  ch impact on the ingame world. Some gear which can be found alternatives for -, okayish amount of xp, extra lore and a moderate way to make money if you want. I really don 39;t like the idea of that this kind of gameplay is needed for impactful real ingame gameplay.NXT Road to Release.

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