Medical Titanium Bar/Rod

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Medical Titanium Bar/Rod
1.Name:medical titanium bar / rod
2. Keywords: medical grade titanium bar /rod,medical titanium alloy bar /rod,medical grade titanium alloy bar /rod
2.Standard:ASTM F136
3.Material:Gr5ELI, also other material such as: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5 etc.
4.Size: Dia2.5~60mm* L
6.Advantage: ourmedical grade titanium alloy bar /rod reach h6 tolerance, more than 1100MPa tensile strength, microstructure can reach more thans level 3, and quick deluvery within 7 days if have stock.
Medical Titanium Bar/Rod Features:
High strength, good biocompatibility, tolerance(h9,h9), mainly used for human orthopedic implants such as joints and spine, and surgical instruments.
We can keep the stable quality . With strict quality control , we will make chemical composition and mechanical properties detection ,to ensure the material conforming to ASTM F67/ASTM F136 specification. To every product, we will do ultrasonic flaw detection to make sure that there are no defects inside the bars.Visual inspection to check surface quality,ensuring without flaw,black dotand any other defects. Due to its bio-compatibility, good fatigue strength and low modulus, it can be used in hip joint,bone screw,bone joint,dental,orthopedic pins and screw ,ligature clips, surgical staples,and Bone fixation devices.
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