EQD Overhead Bridge Travelling Crane

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asked Jun 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xV5M2WuG (140 points)
Lightweight and Modular Design:
1. Overall height is 20%~25% lower than traditional cranes;
2. Self-weight is lighter by 20%~30%;
3. Max wheel load reduces 15%~20%;
4. Smaller limiting size increases working scope;
5. Light structure reduces the cost of workshops;
6. Every component designed to be a standard series and interchangeable´╝Ť
8. Standard modular design makes it easy to manufacture the standard quality products.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology:
1. Sandblast pretreatment on steel plates and the surface quality reaches Sa2.5;
2. CNC cutting machine cuts webs plate to insure the curved surface is smooth and accurate;
3. Seams are soldered by automatic arc welding and detected by ultrasonic and X-ray ;
4. The structure of girder and trolley is manufactured by floor-type boring lathe to insure flatness.
1. Safety supervision system is with an overload limiter and shows the load value on screen to warn operator to avoid overload;
2. Before start up, the whole system will carry out self-checking includes: power supply voltage, default phase, validity of the safe protection device and the zero button; http://www.cranes-china.com

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