Shield Fume Hood

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asked Jun 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xV5pJlpn (520 points)
Shield Fume Hood
The Shield Fume Hood is shielded with 30 mm of lead on the base and perimeter up to a height of 940mm from the table top (1840mm from the floor).Provide a 63mm-thick lead glass sliding screen equivalent to 18mm lead (density ≥5.05 g/cm3). The screen slides along the cabinet.

Shield Fume Hood Accessories

Mobile lead shielding tape shielding glass

LED lighting

Panel with 4 electrical feed sockets

Filter control (inlet and outlet filters)

Air velocity probe

Bar bag with hook

4 technical gas inputs

?Absolute filter and activated carbon filter are equipped with housing and protective bag for safe replacement operation

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