Quarrying and Mining Grout Hole Line Drilling Machine

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asked Jun 10, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xx0GDAcZ (300 points)
Quarrying and Mining Grout Hole Line Drilling Machine

Mobile line drilling machine is ideal for quarrying, rock explosion, especially making large diameter holes. (90mm/3.5 inch). It is mainly used for making holes for the passage of diamond wire. And also good for normal line hole drilling, such as holes for expansive mortar.
Practicality in use, derived from its simple construction, and the lightness of the structure are its main characteristics. Two control ways to choose, one is feeding by pneumatic motor, cross moving by handwheel.
The other one is both feeding and cross moving by pneumatic motor.
The drill is equipped with a pneumatic rotation head which combined with the hole hammer permits drilling linearity to be maintained, reaching considerable depths at high penetration speeds.
The support column has a special fixing system with a spherical joint and an anchoring down jack which permits drilling in all directions.
Other construction characteristics permit the drill height from the ground to be kept to a minimum, in the case of horizontal drill. http://www.chinarockdrilling.com

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