Top Hammer Drilling 6 Degree 12 Degree R25 R28 R32 Pilot Adapter for Reaming Drill Bit

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asked Jun 10, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xx0GDAcZ (300 points)
Reaming Drill Bit with R28 / T45 / T51/ ST58

Reaming bits were widely used in quarrying or mining for blast hole drilling, with pilot adaptors, the drilling direction can be ensured and accurate. Pilot holes are drilled depth and then reamed out to a larger diameter in a second pass required when hole diameter exceeds the capabilities of the rock drill and drilling tools available.

This type of bit is used for making large cut holes in drifting and tunneling. A smaller hole is first drilled and then reamed to the final size in combination with a pilot adapter. Large diameter service holes from level to level for drainage, electrical cable or pipe lines routinely used to ream cut holes for development rounds and for long hole blasting of drop raise.

?Suitable for small hole range
?Widely used in Dimensional Stone Quarrying Industry
?Widely used in Underground Mining Industry

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