MH Gantry Crane

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MH Model Electric Single Beam Gantry Crane is based on the mechanical department industry standard JB/T5663-2008 <electric hoist gantry crane type and basic parameters> and JB/T5663-2008 <electric hoist gantry crane technology Conditions>Designed and manufactured. It is combined with CD1 and MD electric hoists to become a rail-operated crane.

Suitable for lifting capacity of 3-32 tons, beam span of 12-50 meters, normal working environment temperature of -25~+40 °C.

This product is a general purpose crane and is widely used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, logistics centers, open storage and other occasions. The crane is consist of Metal structure parts, electric hoists, operating mechanisms, electrical equipment, etc. In addition, Box type, Truss type and box girder with truss legs are different structure forms. There are two types of crane operation: ground control and control room operation.

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To get a clear view of the load, the Crane transport Sydney operator need to manoeuvre around the car. Most modern-day loader cranes are geared up with a portable cabled control machine to useful resource the crane’s hydraulic control levers. 

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