What is waiting time to get back cash app refunds?

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asked May 17, 2021 in Cell Tracking by iparkeremma (120 points)

When a merchant listed with cash app refund of the transaction, it can take up to ten days to get your refund back to your account.

A refund made by any merchant can take up to 10 working days in order to receive it back. Once the payment app gets back the refund, it automatically sends back it in your cash app balance. In between this period of ten days if you have some queries then you can make a direct connection with the merchant to get a better solution. Rather than this, if you want to know how to get a refund from the cash app in a very simple step process, you can talk to our cash app customer care representatives.

Cash has no direct authority to process your refunds, it completely depends on the recipient’s wish and actions whether he/she wants to send it back to your account. If you have sent money to the wrong person, and you can contact and ask him to follow the cash app refund process to let the money sent back to your account.

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answered Jul 28, 2021 by bruce_banner (700 points)

Refunded payments are generally returned instantly to your Cash App balance if the funds were sent from your bank or Cash App balance.

If the funds were sent from your credit card, the funds will be returned to that card. The refund may also return to your card if it can't be returned to your Cash App balance. Refunds sent to a credit or debit card usually arrive within 5 business days.

To refund a payment:

Tap the Activity tab on your Cash App home screen
Select the payment
Tap . . .
Select Refund
Press OK


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