What Services are Provided by Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Services?

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If you are a new bankruptcy practice or an established firm that doesn’t want to lose a business lead, a new client, or want to be available for your clients when they call, you then need a bankruptcy attorney answering service. The majority of individuals who will contact with bankruptcy inquiries do it when they are free, at night or during weekends in privacy. If you only operate during the standard working hours, you will lose many opportunities from those who call after-hours.

However, with a live answering service, you can capture all those clients that call to discuss their bankruptcy issues when you are not available or free to pick up the call. Our live operators will be in your corner at every stage as we strive to become an extension of your bankruptcy practice. We will not only answer your phone calls but also provide the following services:


24/7 Live Answering


Often, most people raise bankruptcy questions, not when with family or at work, but when in private places like home, at night, or during weekends. At this time, something jogs their mind raising the issue of the need to declare bankruptcy and the best Chapter to use when declaring bankruptcy. They will begin to search for bankruptcy attorney practices online, and if they come across your company, they are likely to contact you. These calls can arrive at any time of the day or week, which is why you need a live operator around the clock to answer these calls and address customer queries.

With a 24-hour phone legal answering service for bankruptcy attorneys, you can be sure that someone will talk to your clients. Imagine a client trying to contact your practice to commence the bankruptcy process on the weekend or at night, but the call goes into voicemail. The client will not leave a message and wait for the weekend to end so that you can get back to them. Instead, they will hang up and ring the next bankruptcy attorney on their list.  By the time you and your employees get to the office, you will find that caller as your competitor’s client. People search for bankruptcy legal advice from attorneys at any time of the day because they expect your practice to be available around the clock to speak to a live person who will address their concerns. If your business is available full time, your callers will feel that you understand their needs, which increases the chances of converting them into clients. With call agents responding to your calls in a professional tone, you will attract new customers and retain the existing ones for life. We can assist you in ensuring that calls are answered day and night throughout the year. We will be by your side during the standard operating hours, after-hours, weekends, and any other time you need peace of mind or some private time with your family.


Appointment Scheduling


After the initial discussion over the phone about the bankruptcy matter, a caller will want to meet you in person to discuss the case in detail. At this point, the Best Call Center’s appointment scheduling services will benefit your practice. Remember, the calendar is the core of operations in the legal field. If you don’t have a well-planned schedule, you will lose many billable hours, affecting the company’s functions and even resulting in revenue loss. So, instead of sitting in your office without generating income and enhancing your operations’ efficiency, you need excellent appointment taking and scheduling services. One of our primary services that will be included in your account is scheduling appointments. If your day is well-planned and the clients you are meeting receive a reminder of the meeting, everyone will show up on time, thus enabling you to maximize your time. With our virtual receptionists, your customers can schedule appointments from any online platform that can allow them to arrange meetings. Also, when they call anytime to schedule an appointment, our live call operators will be available to answer the call and make appointments even outside the standard operating hours. We will work with your staff to closely oversee the appointment scheduling process and ensure it is efficient and user friendly, enabling your clients to schedule appointments when it’s most convenient to prevent missed or late meetings. If your practice already has an appointment scheduling software, you will share it with our team to fill the open slots. In case you don’t use the software, we have an app that you can use to schedule appointments. With the app, your calendar will sync in real-time, enabling you and your employees to view meetings and get real-time updates.

Our appointment reminders will ensure all clients and employees with appointments are reminded. Those that want to reschedule can also do it promptly, thus promoting efficient operations. You will worry less about double scheduling or missed appointments at an affordable price by partnering with us.


Bilingual Staff


As a bankruptcy attorney, you already understand that your customer base is diverse. Currently, in the U.S., there are thirty-seven million Spanish speakers based on a study by the Pew Research Center. The demographic is expected to make up for 31 percent of the country’s population by 2060. With the increase in property and business owners’ diversity, you should expect a significant number of your callers and clients to be Spanish speakers. With these figures in mind, you need a bilingual staff service to support these Spanish callers’ needs and ensure that you don’t cut off a potentially huge market demographic for your bankruptcy practice. Remember that not having bilingual receptionists is an indication that your business doesn’t value Hispanics. Many of these customers will not prefer your company because they will feel like outsiders. However, with our bilingual virtual receptionists, your business will accommodate all customers. Even if a Spanish-speaking caller understands English, responding to their inquiries in Spanish will make them feel more valued and accommodated. The population will feel as if they are part of your business, thus creating trust and loyalty. The good thing with our bilingual staff services is that they don’t come at an additional cost. We will increase customer retention and goodwill in the business at zero cost, thus enabling your practice to grow.

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