Passenger Steps

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    1.?Product profile:


    TY-KT58 Passenger stairs adopt self-made chassis, is equipped with advance electric system, the platform own two set of safety device of docking aircraft and height display circuit, its range of lifting height is 2400-5800mm.

    It is applicable for A300,A310, ,A320, A330, A340, B737, B747, B757, B767, B787,.etc.


    2.?Product standard

    1)MH/T6029-2014 《Passenger boarding ladder》

    2)IATA AHM 920 《Function for loading stairs》

    3)IATA AHM 923 《Function specs for lifting loading stairs》

    4)GB/T 23422-2009 《Functional requirement of self–propelled passenger loading》


    3.?Main configuration


    Chassis: self-made chassis(choose RHD)

    Engine type: 1. Deutz TCD3.6/74.4/Eur IV, Allison 1000 transmission

    2. Cummins QSF3.8/73.8KW/ Eur IV, Okamura Y43250E transmission

    3.Kohler KDI2504TCR/55KW/ Eur IV, Okamura Y43250E transmission

    Ladder steps: Non-slip aluminum

    Electric and hydraulic system: imported brand

    Monitoring system: car backing radar with GPS/WIFI

    Canopy: semi-closed or full-closed

    Insulated device: 1. Diesel heating system; 2. Engine coolant heating device(220V);



    4. Technical parameter

                    Length mm
                    width mm
                    Height mm
                    Wheelbase mm
                    Wheelbase(front/rear) mm
                    Front overhang mm
                    Rear overhang mm
                    Front Protraction mm
                    Rear protraction mm
                    Approach Angle (°)
                    Departure angle (°)
                    Ramp angle(°)
                    Min Ground clearance mm
                    Turning clearance circle diameters mm
                    GVW kg
                    Max. speed km/h
                    Steps of Up-ladder
                    Ladder length mm
                    Steps of Down-ladder
                    Ladder width mm
                    Max. inclined angle for ladder(°)
                    Height ladder mm
                    Operation height of ladder mm
                    Platform length mm
                    Adjusting height
                    Platform width mm

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