Passenger Boarding Stairs

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    Ⅰ. Products introduction

    The designed height off ground for WTJ5040JKT mobile passenger stair is from 2400mm to 5800mm, which could be slightly adjusted for height tolerance between passengers stair and hatch, height of stair platform could reach 5800mm after slight adjustment.

    This type of passengers stair could be applied for A310, A319,A320, A330, A340,A350, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787,C919.,etc.


    2. Product Standard:

    1. MH/T6029-2014 Special vehicles--Engineering approval evaluation program

    2. J IATA AHM—920 <Function requirement of motorized passenger steps>

    3. IATA AHM—923 <Function requirement of lifting passenger steps >

    4. GB/T 23422-2009 < Function requirement of propelled passenger steps>


    3. Main configuration

    Chassis: 1. Isuzu QL1070A1KAY, engine type: 4KH1-TCG40(IV), Manual;

    2. Isuzu QL11009KARY, engine type: 4KH1-TCG40(IV), Manual;

    3. Isuzu QL1070A5KAY, engine type: 4KH1CN5HS(V), Manual;

    4. Isuzu QL1100A8KAY, engine type: 4KH1-TC51(V), Automatic;

    Note: choose right hand- driving(RHD) chassis

    Ladder steps: Non-slip aluminum

    Electric and hydraulic system: imported brand

    Monitoring system: car backing radar with GPS/WIFI

    Canopy: semi-closed or full-closed

    Insulated device: 1. Diesel heating system; 2. Engine coolant heating device(220V);


    4. Technical parameter

                    Design value
                    Overall dimension (Length ×width ×height) mm
                    Curb weight kg
                    Max. speed km/h
                    Lift height---------mm
                    Max. load capacity person
                    Ladder step (Length ×width ×height) mm
                    Platform- dimension (Length ×width)---------mm
                    Number of Ladder steps
                    Max. angle of inclination

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