Semi coke for steel plant and ferroalloy plant

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Semi coke is made of fine quality fired Jurassic coal from Shenfu coalfield. It is a new type of carbon material, it can partially replace metallurgical coke in the production of calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, ferronickel, silicon carbide etc.

Fixed carbon    84%    Sulphur    0.35%
Ash    7-9%    Phosphorus    0.005%
Volatile matter    7%    Moisture    16%
Size    0-6mm, 6-18mm, 18-35mm, 35-60mm

1.The reducer for ferroalloys smelting
2.The reducer for calcium carbide
3.The material for fixed bed gasification
4.The material for the blast furnace injection
5.The fuel of industrial and civil

Packing & Delivery
1.1ton big bag
2.In bulk ship
3.Loose packing in train
4.As the customer’s requirement
5.Lead time: based on the quantity, usually about 7-15 days

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