Semi Coke Large Size

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asked Apr 21, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_oT78FTaq (380 points)
Semi Coke or Blue-Cokeas a kind of new carbon material, with the characteristics of high fixed carbon, high resistivity, high chemical activity,low ash, low aluminum, low sulfur, low phosphorus, has gradually replaced the metallurgical coke and widely used in theproduction of calcium carbide, iron alloy,ferrosilicon, silicon carbide products,etc. It has? became an irreplaceable carbon materials.


    blue-coke can completely replace the general coke, and the quality is superior to a number of standardsof the national metallurgical coke, coke and ferroalloy? coke. So blue-coke has higher application value in the improvement of downstream product's quality level,energy conservation reduction of production cost, increase production and so on .


                    Fixed carbon
                    the particle size
                    35-80 mm











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