Aluminum Venetian Louvers

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High Quality Aluminum Venetian Louver
Exterior aluminum Venetian blind with low-noise, also suitable for large door and window

Advantage of the product:

- sun protection

- anti-glare blind

- light regulation

- view protection

- installed outside

- conveniently operated with motor


Raising and lowering the blind and rotation of the slats via conveniently operated electric drive. The electric motor with integrated limit switch can be operated via remote control.


The blind can be installed outside on the window frame or door frame, in a shaft provided by customers or in front of the window recess.

Components for outdoor/exterior motorized aluminum Venetian blind:

1) 58*56mm head track made of galvanized sheet steel

2) plastic blind-bearing

3) electric motor

4) switch or control device according to requirements

5) 80*0.45mm aluminum slats

6) 80*18.6mm bottom track made of aluminum, extruded and powder-coated

7) plastic end cap for bottom track

8) ladder cord for 80mm aluminum slats

9) lifting tape 6.0*0.28mm

10) lateral tensioning

11) wire bracket or tensioning shoe with clamping screw
Aluminum alloy shutters should meet the national standards of GB/T5237-93 and GB/T8013, and also meet the requirements of the user.

Aluminum louvers are sturdy and durable, and have good rain and water resistance. The surface is sprayed with color.

If the height of the aluminum alloy blinds exceeds 1.7 meters, the waterproofing device should be installed at the top and bottom according to the design method of the middle waist.

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