Sulfur Pastillator

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Sulfur pastillatorProduct introduction:The liquid sulfur is fed by means of a jacket pump from the storage tank to the drop former by jacket piping. These piping are heated by steam. The pastillation unit consists of a drop-former and a steel belt cooler. The drop former is designed according to the Sharp patented for REBO and consists of stator which is supplied with liquid product and a perforated rotating outer shell which turns concentrically around the stator depositing sulfur drops across the whole belt width. circumferential speed of the drop former is synchronized with the speed of the belt cooler. The drops are therefore deposited on the belt without deformation and, after solidification, result in regular pastilles with an optimum shape. The heat released during solidification and cooling is transferred by the stainless steel belt to the cooling water indirectly. This is sprayed against the belt underside, collected in tanks, and returned to the re-cooling plant, In no phase the cooling water gets in contact with the sulphur. At the cooler end the pastilles are taken off with a discharge knife and pass via chutes to a bagging system. The diameter of pastilles is about 3-6mm and its height is about 1.5-1.8mm. The width of the complete machine is 1200mm,1600mm,1800mm and 2100mm and its length is 13m. The output of single machine is 1500kg/hr, 3000kg/hr, 4000kg/hr and 6000kg/hr. It can be matched with semi-automatic or full-automatic packing machine to complete automatic packing and stacking.Product advantages:● The maximum capacity of single machine reaches up to 6000kg/hr;● The sharp nozzle type patent technology, there are thousands rows of sharp nozzle hole on the surface of outershell;● The innovation technology based on the introduction and ingestion of Germany granulator technology;● The sole equipment is put into operation in the sulfur industry at the earliest in China;● The sole company in the domestic has passed united technology assessment by SINOPEC technology development center and the introduced major equipment domestication office, belonging to ministerial appraisal;● The service life of steel belt is long, sulfur granulator is plump, and with good flowability;● The cooling water and product not contacting mutually, cooling water is not polluted by product;● All large-scale oil refinery project with tens of millions of tons in the domestic adopt Rebo machine;● Successfully renewed 30 imported Germany machines, and 3 American machines, with a total of 33;● Easy operation, less wearing parts, low operation cost, stable quality and low fault rate;● Continuous steel belt and equipment overall package ensure that steel belt does not deviate and damage V rope;Main achievements: 1. ZRCC; 2. Qingdao refinery; 3. Gaoqiao Petrochemical; 4. Hainan refinery; 5. Duzishan refinery; 6. Guangxi Qinzhou refinery.

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