Ceramic Line Pattern Water Jar

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asked Apr 1, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5ANYyRhS (300 points)
Ceramic Line Pattern Water Jar Home fashion new bone china bottle home decoration party jar

This exclusive flower and lines pattern design combines beautiful materials and design. The high quality new bone china material allows you to enjoy your life everyday, you can use it as water kettle, water jar, or even you can use it as a vase or decoration at home.

Using good-looking ceramic tableware at home is a unique experience. And it's a good composition for 1 water jar with 4 cups as a set. This is the ideal set for experiencing, and also a beautiful display on your decoration shelf.

We have more of other products can choose, we do custom for ceramic tableware, for this design we also do dinnerware set, mugs and coasters, cup set, tea set, ceramic teapot with the cup, bowls set and so on. http://www.deruixy.com

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