Tencel anti-mite waterproof mattress cover

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asked Mar 24, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_sRloYD0Y (1,900 points)
Tencel Anti-mite Waterproof Mattress Cover Product introduction

1. Tencel fiber has excellent moisture absorption, and overcomes the shortcomings of low strength of ordinary viscose fiber, especially low wet strength. Its strength is similar to that of polyester, its wet strength is higher than cotton fiber, and its wet modulus is also higher than Cotton high.

2. Tencel's washing dimensional stability is relatively high, and the washing shrinkage rate is small, generally less than 3%.

3. Tencel fabric has a beautiful luster and a soft and comfortable feel.

4. Tencel has a unique silk-like touch, elegant drape, and smooth to the touch.

5. It has good breathability and moisture permeability. https://www.sleepycare.com/waterproof-mattress-protector/tencel-anti-mite-waterproof-mattress-cover.html

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