Ultrasonic Coating Dispersion Machine 20khz 3000W

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asked Mar 21, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_RElk4QWp (620 points)
Some of these coating characteristics are achieved by the inclusion of nano-size materials. Ultrasound does further help in the defoaming and degassing  of highly viscous products. As ultrasonic dispersing technology can be used on lab, bench-top and production level, allowing for throughput rates over 10 tons/hour it is being applied in the R&D stage and in the commercial production. Process results can be scaled up easily (linear).  The devices convert approx. 70 to 90% of the electrical input power into mechanical activity in the liquid. This leads to substantially lower processing costs. http://www.fycgsonic.com/ultrasonic-sonochemistry-machine/ultrasonic-dispersion-machine/ultrasonic-coating-dispersion-machine.html

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