20Khz 1000 to 3000W Ultrasonic Liquid Dispersion Machine

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asked Mar 20, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_RElk4QWp (620 points)
Liquid - liquid system dispersion (emulsion): with ultrasonic dispersion machine, it does not use emulsifier. In many cases, phacoemulsification can be obtained below 1μm particles. The formation of this high quality emulsion is mainly due to the effect of ultrasonic strong cavitation near the dispersing tool. Ultrasonic liquid dispersion machine is widely used in many fields, such as food, cosmetics, medicine, chemistry and so on. http://www.fycgsonic.com/ultrasonic-sonochemistry-machine/ultrasonic-dispersion-machine/ultrasonic-liquid-dispersion-machine.html

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