Big Laundry Soap Production Line

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Big Laundry Soap Production Line
Big laundry soap production line with high output 1000-2000kg/h, this production line applied vacuum extruding technology to improve the transparence and breakage-proof of final laundry soap.
The main material to make laundry is soap noodle, the soap noodle is made from animal oil and vegetable oil under saponification technology. Since the saponification is a complex process, so most of people buy soap noodle and make laundry soap from soap noodle directly.
The other ingredient to make laundry soap is Zeolite, Sodium silicate and Pigment, the percentage of Zeolite and Sodium silicate decide the fatty acid content in the soap bar.
The fatty acid content is important to laundry soap, the soap noodle bought from market have a certain fatty acid content, for example if the soap noodle you bought with fatty acid 60%, but you want to make laundry soap with 54% fatty acid, the solution is to add Zeolite and Sodium silicate in the mixing process.
Big laundry soap production line features:
1. Conveyors automatically transfer material, only need labor manually feeding soap noodle and other ingredients to the mixer and collect soap from after cutting machine
2. From mixer machine, by add ingredients can adjust the fatty acid content and color of the final soap
3. Vacuum extrusion, to improve the transparence
4. Digital cutting machine controlled by PLC, cutting length is adjustable from 40-400mm.
5. Print logo on both side of the laundry soap
6. Different kind of mold available, just change the mold can make soap with different shape and size.
7. Electric panel control the whole line, easy operate
8. Packing machine is selectable to pack the the laundry soap into bags.
9. Three kind of capacity optional: 100kg/h small capacity, 300-800kg/h medium capacity and 1000-2000kg/h large capacity

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