Touch Screen Conveyor Metal Detector

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asked Mar 13, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SR5BEMUR (220 points)
Touch screen metal detectorMetal detector can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical,textile and garment, toy industry and so on, which is authorized by HACCP(food industry), GMP(pharmaceutical industry), and it can be applied for cookies, sauces, dumpling, hum, soup, candy, meat, frozen food, salted food, fast food, bakery etc, and other industries that have special requirements on detection sensitivity, anti-interference, waterproof. Besides, it can detect broken needles, metals mixed with products.Feature:1. Adopt the theory of balance, more reliable.2. Phase-adapted technology can adapt products in order to effectively eliminate product effect.3. Combination of DSP and Microprocessor is applied to process testing data of detection signal, which can enhance detection efficiency.4. To stop mistaking in transmission & reception in advance, the detector handles many operations. Easy to adjust the detecting parameters.5. Large LCD display with Chinese & English language and so on; Consumer can choose according to their needs.6. Have self- learning study function, can automatically digitally learn and store product's features.Easy to operate without manual participation to adjust technical parameters.7. It can store more than 100 kinds of testing data of products.8. Automatic rejection system can be customized according to consumer's requirements, which can improve production efficiency and save labor costs.Technical parameter:Tunnel Size3010401040154020402550156015The length of the whole1200120012001200120016001600Overall width6308308308308309301030Conveyor width300400400400400500500Through he width300460460460460560660Through the height100100150200250150150SensibilityFe:0.6Fe:0.8Fe:1.0Fe:1.2Fe:1.5Fe:1.2Fe:1.2SUS:1.2SUS:1.5SUS:1.8SUS:2.0SUS:2.5SUS:2.5SUS:2.5Application:Be used to detect Fe, Sus, Cu, Al and other metal impurities industrial products.Machine can be customized according to customer's product size.Company Qualification:

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